Mia Khalifa’s Sexiest GIFs

Mia Khalifa definitely gets the blood flowing to all the right places. She’s one of my favorite pornstars. I mean, just look at her! She’s smokin’, and, on a side note, she loves sports! What more could you ask for in a girl(besides the

Soccer Fan Releases Nudes After Team Wins

This is Suzy Cortez. She’s the winner of a contest that’s become quite famous – The Miss BumBum contest. I’m pretty sure you can guess what the judges are looking for there. It’s what we’re all looking for – A Nice, Juicy ASS. Suzy

Pornstars You Should Follow On Snapchat

If you believe anyone who says dumb shit like “I don’t look at porn” or “I’m not into pornstars”, then I’m here to tell ya that “I don’t look at porn”. “I’m just into pornstars”(and you better believe it). Which is how I know

5 Movies That Had Real Sex Scenes

Typically, when you’re watching a movie and the “sex scene” happens, you know that it’s simulated, so there’s no reason to get “excited”, unless, of course, you just ain’t gettin’ none(Yes, that was a run-on sentence). However, if you’ve seen any of these 5

Limo Catches Fire On Way To Prom

High School Students from Massachusetts had some “Friday The 13th” luck on the way to their prom. 10 Natick High School Students had to evacuate their limo after it caught on fire. According to Fox 25: “There was smoke coming through the cabin, the

Hot Chick Pooped Herself In The Club

Fellas, imagine you’re up in the club, kickin’ it with your hot girlfriend and, suddenly, you think you smell shit. And then, it turns out, you are smelling shit – your hot girlfriend’s shit. She just pooped herself in the club! I mean everybody