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Tata Thursday


Judging by that smirk I think she knows she won’t be getting much eye contact today.

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Just A Little Tug

little tug 7_19

Amazing how a little pull on some fabric can make a sexy picture so much sexier.

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Kate Upton for Jenna Leigh Lingerie

Kate Upton Jenna Leigh Lingerie 15_6

Kate Upton did this spread for Jenna Leigh lingerie a couple of years ago and we only had like 4 of these lovely images on the site.  I think you all deserve more.

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Keeley Hazell Sexy in Floral

Keeley Hazell Floral Lingerie 1_0

Keeley Hazell is just gorgeous. Thankfully she likes showing off how gorgeous in very little clothing.

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Kelly Brook in lingerie

Kelly Brook Lingerie 6_6

Kelly Brook in some New Look lingerie is amazing.

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Georgia Salpa

Georgia Salpa 13_4

Georgia Salpa looking amazing in a variety of sexy lingerie.

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Kelly Brook Lingerie Goodness

Kelly Brook 7_8

You can’t go wrong with Kelly Brook in anything.  Kelly Brook in lingerie is usually suggested though.

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Lucy Pinder

Lucy Pinder 1_0

How can you not just enjoy admiring the sexiness that is Lucy Pinder?

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Natalia Siwiec Lingerie Photos

Natalia Siwiec 1_0

Natalia Siwiec looking like she can fill out her lingerie without a problem.

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Olesya Rulin looking good

Olesya Rulin 1_0

Not sure what this is for, but Olesya Rulin makes you hate stickers.

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Irina Shayk for GQ Russia

Irina Shayk GQ 1_0

Irina Shayk looking incredible for GQ Russia.

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Danielle Sharp is Super

Danielle Sharp 1_0

Danielle Sharp really isn’t appreciated as much as she should be…appreciate her right now people!

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