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Reality..not always as cool

Reality 15_6

You ever think something is gonna be really cool until you try it?

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Drugs…..They do some bad things

Drugs are bad 1_0

And I thought too much time in the sun can do some damage to your skin.

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Winter: Fun or Awful?

Snow 1_0

Sure building a snow dragon is cool, but what about the other stuff?

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Wonderful Photoshop Fails

Photoshop Fails 16_7

Photoshop is a powerful tool in the right hands…unfortunately these hands were the wrong ones.

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Halloween Fails

Halloween Fails 9_23

The Avengers…good concept poor execution.

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Smoking…These Seem Right

Smoking 1_0

Who knew smoking had so many uses?

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Who Needs Roommates?

rommates 17_8

This is why you do your best to live on your own.

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Gotta Love McDonalds

McDonalds 1_0


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Quality Facebook Status

facebook 1_0

Sometimes people post quality stuff on Facebook and other times you get stuff like this.

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Demotivational Posters

Demotivational Posters 1_0

Life can be hard.

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Bathroom Grafitti Goodies

bathroom grafitti 13_4

If you don’t have a magazine or wifi these little gems will entertain you during your alone moments.

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Fun Signs

offbeat signs 14_5

I know things have changed over the years, but I am pretty sure kids can’t play with these things.

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Funtastically Random Stuff