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Wheel of Fortune Disaster

Indiana University freshman Julian Batts could not pronounce the name of mythical Greek hero Achilles during ‘College Week.’ It was one of three embarrassing mistakes that cost the honor student thousands of dollars and a shot at $1 million.  His two other mistakes were also bad, but they only cost him a few grand…this mistake […]

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Reality..not always as cool

Reality 15_6

You ever think something is gonna be really cool until you try it?

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You have a point

True 13_4

Ah yes I see what you did here.

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People Can Be Mean

Mean People 17_8

Some folks just have a screw loose and we are fortunate to have proof.

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Yahoo Answers…best place for info

Great Yahoo Answers 1_0

I need to get all my advice and answers from Yahoo!

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Oh that is mean

Mean pranks 1_0

Oh I love nuggets!  You rotten SOB!

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Animal Photobomb

Photobomb 17_8

Smile….what the!?

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Homework 1_0

At least he plans on visiting.

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Comedy of John Mulaney

John Mulaney 1_0
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Teacher is consistent

teacher 8_19

If you have a career that requires yearly photos you can be unique every year or be amazing for 40.  This guy chose to be amazing!

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Demotivational Posters

Demotivational Posters 15_6

If you just reboot this would never have happened.

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Demotivational Posters

Demotivational Posters 1_0

With a second kid on the way this is really appropriate.

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