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Sexy Rihanna

Rihanna 6_10

Rihanna just oozes sexy.

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Colleen Shannon is a sexy spinner


Colleen Shannon is the worlds sexiest DJ.

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Musical Women


Something about a woman that can play…or hold..an instrument that makes them hot.  Or it could be the sexy clothes or lack of them.

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Lady Gaga..the early days


Before Lady Gaga became a blonde fashion sideshow she was just Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta from New York with a lot of big dreams.

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We need more Ashanti


Ashanti Douglas is a 29 year old American R&B artist.  Even though she is on of the top selling female artist in the world during the first decade of this century her last album didn’t do all that well.  I think she needs to get her act together and start getting sexy for some videos […]

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Andrea Parker is a California girl


Andrea Parker is a 39 year old American actress that has appeared in a long line of televisions shows.  Not much else about her matter other than the fact that she is very sexy.

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Metal fans like their face paint


Black Metal fans are into some crazy stuff, but never let iot be said they don’t have some skills with the face paint.  Some very creative folks out there enjoy the dark side.

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Alicia Keys is R&B Sexy


Alicia Keys is a 28 year old musician whose real name is Alicia Augello Cool.  She is a New York City girl who was raised in Hell’s Kitchen, attended Professional Performing Arts School, and dropped out of Columbia University to release her debut album.  That proved to be a good choice since se is one […]

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Faith Hill is Country goodness


Faith Hill, real name Audrey Faith Perry, is a 41 year old country singer.  She is married to another country star, Tim McGraw.  She has sold more than 35 million records, has eight number one singles, and three number one albums.  She has also taken home numerous awards, is involved in numerous charities, and is […]

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Pink just has something


Alecia Moore, you might know her as pop star Pink, is a 29 year old American singer that just has something about her.  I don’t think she is the hottest thing out there, but she has an edge to her and isn’t afraid to show off her body.  You have to respect that.  of course […]

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Hair Bands Ruled


I grew up in the 80′s and was a fan of KISS because my friends older brother said they were cool so that meant we had to think they were cool also.  As the 80′s moved on the great rise of the hair bands took over and they brought us some of the greatest album […]

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Guitar Art


This is interesting as I’ve never seen this done before. Art painted right on the guitars, anyone knows where to get it done?

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