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Why I WIll Miss Happy Endings

Happy Endings may have been canceled, but the jokes live on.  Check out some of the unused gems that will never get to air.

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I Love The News

TV 28_20

You have to wonder who is doing the profreading on these things sometimes.

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Happy Cows


Do happy cows really produce better milk?  Well a study in a small Russian town is trying to determine if showing cows stuck in a barn high-def images of the outside world will get them producing higher volume and quality milk.  Wonder if they can put on some National Geographic channel at night to see […]

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Sometimes you just need your MTV


Now me and my buddy hooked up a satellite dish to his truck while we tailgates before Jets games so I can relate to people needing their television.   Some of these people might have a problem though.

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Artie Lange steals the Joe Buck Show Spotlight

In case you missed the extended ending of the first Joe Buck Show on HBO you have to watch this.  Artie Lange, from The Howard Stern Show, stole the spotlight during the extended Internet ending of the show last night.

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Tech Toy of the Day: Samsung LCD TVs

I purchased my Samsung 52″ LCD Touch of Color television prior to the start of the 2008 New York Jets road to collapse and I am glad I did.  Watching the Jets surge to an 8-3 start in HD was one of my happiest moments and watching the collapse in HD made my misery even […]

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Women of HOUSE


Hugh Laurie or more affectionately known as House, M.D in the House TV series really has quite a good job being able to work with several hot actresses at one time. Here are some nice pics of the women on House, namely: Lisa Edelstein, Jennifer Morrison and Olivia Wilde. Jennifer Morrison is the best of […]

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