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Think it is cold?

cold 4_14

More reasons why i just am sick of the cold.  I need to move to Florida.

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Winter: Fun or Awful?

Snow 1_0

Sure building a snow dragon is cool, but what about the other stuff?

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Gotta Love Winter

Winter Photos 1_0

You know it’s cold when your transport freezes like an ice cube.

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Something to do in Buffalo


Winters in Buffalo, NY can be long, cold, snowy, and depressing.  Well what if I told you if you were in Buffalo this winter you could have walked through on giant ice maze??  Excited?  Who is up for a road trip??

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Winter will soon be gone


Everyone complains about the cold, snow, wind and can’t wait for summer, but when winter is gone I miss the quiet of a cold snowy day.  I got a bit deep their right?  There are 67 pictures so make sure you go to page 2 at the bottom.

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It’s Still Winter


They are calling for a balmy 41 degrees in New York City today, but don’t be fooled because it is still winter!

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Beautiful Winter


For those of you in the Northeast section of the US we are supposed to get hammered with another blizzard tomorrow.  They are calling for over 10″ of snow in the NYC area and another 20″ or so doe Washington, DC.

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Ice can be very cool


I woke up this morning to find a nice layer of snow outside which meant I had to clean off my car and deal with a slushy NYC.  Of course even when winter is a bit on the annoying side you can always find some beauty is simple things…like ice.

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Snow Art


Some artist decided that normal paper was not good enough for his art and decided to use the snow as his canvas instead. Very nicely done until the wind comes or more snow falls. Pity.

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Impressive Ice Sculptures


These are ‘cool’ (pun intended)!

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Summer Ice Sculptures


Very interesting concept in a Moscow Park with the theme: “Mini-Winter in the City during Summer” featuring ice sculptures of all kinds. Not sure how environmentally friendly this event is considering the amount of energy required to keep the ice frozen during Summer of Aug 08!

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Winter Photos


A little bit more photos to remind you how picturesque winter can be!

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